My Cafe Bill’in Soruları ve Cevapları

My Cafe Bill Soruları ve Cevapları .

Bill, Amerikan bilim iletişimi, televizyon sunucusu ve makine mühendisi. Her gün size 3 adet  soru soracak. Bu soruları doğru cevapladığınız zaman size oyun seviyenize göre para hediyesi veriyor. Günlük soru limiti 3 adet. Eğer sorudan emin değilseniz konuşmayı cevaplamadan çıkarsanız , sonra ki soru farklı oluyor. Yanlış cevap verirseniz ödül alamıyorsunuz . Günlük 3 hakkınızdan 1 tanesini kaybediyorsunuz. Aşağı da Bill’in sorularının cevapları var.

NOT : Bilgisayar da ctrl+f  yapıp  çıkan kutucuğa,  soruda ki ana kelimeleri yazıp bulabilirsiniz.


S: What is the capital of the USA? (ABD’nin başkenti nedir?)

  • C: Washington, D.C.

S: What does an odometer measure? ( Kİlometre ne ölçer ? ?)

  • C: Distance traveled (Mesafe )

S: Who goes into the pit in a theater? ( Tiyatroda kim çukura girer ? )

  • C: The orchestra ( Orkestra )

S: Where is the sea of showers? ( Duş denizi nerede  ? )

  • C: On the moon (Ayın üzerinde )

S: Who gifted Statue of Liberty to the USA?  ( Amerika’ya Özgürlük heykelini kim hediye etti ? )

  • C: France (Fransa)

S: Which country borders Australia?  ( Hangi ülke Avusturya sınırlarında ? )

  • C: None ( Yok )

S: What is the capital of Italy? ( İtalya’nın başkenti ? )

  • C. Rome ( Roma )

S: What is the capital of Spain? ( İspanya’nın başkenti ? )

  • C: Madrid (Madrid )

S: What is the smallest ocean?  Dünyanın en küçük okyanusu ? )

  • C: Arctic Ocean ( Arkik Okyanusu )

S: What is the capital of Norway?  (Norveç’in başkenti ?)

  • C: Oslo

S: What is the capital of Sweden? ( İsveç’in başkenti ? )

  • C: Stockholm

S: Name the capital of Belarus? ( Beyaz Rusya’nın başkenti ? )

  • C: Minsk

S: What is the capital of Canada?  (Kanada’nın başkenti ? )

  • C: Ottawa

S: What is the capital of Russia? ( Rusya’nın başkenti ?)

  • C: Moscow

S: What is the capital of India? ( Hindista’nın başkenti )

  • C: Delhi

S: What is the capital of Turkey? (Türkiye’nin başkenti ? )

  • C: Ankara

S: What is the capital of France? (Fransa’nın başkenti ?)

  • C: Paris

S: What place has a south wind blowing? ( Nerede Güney rüzgarı üfler ? )

  • C: North Pole ( Kuzey kutbu )

S: What is the capital the of UK?  ( İngiltere’nin başkenti ? )

  • C: London

S: What is the highest mountain? ( En yüksek dağ ? )

  • C: Everest

S: What is the capital of Germany?  (Almanya’nın başkenti ? )

  • C: Berlin

S: How many legs does a crab have? (Yengeç kaç bacağı var? )

  • C: 10

S: What is a tumbler? (Taklacı nedir ? )

  • C: A breed of pigeon ( Güvercin nedir ? )

S: What is a buttonhole? İlik (buttonhole ) nedir

  • C: A small bouquet of flowers.

S: What is a flat object for carrying plates on called?

  • C: Tray

S: What is a Mastiff?

  • C: A breed of dog

S: What is botany?

  • C: Plant science

S: Which part of the ear are earrings normally worn on?

  • C: What is a pirouette?

S: What is a pirouette?

  • C: A dance move

S: What is a reticule?

  • C: A woman’s purse

S: What is a frigate?

  • C: A warship with three masts.

S: What is an epigraph?

  • C: A quotation at the start of a book.

S: What is a rambutan?

  • C: A Tree

S: What is fouetté?

  • C: A dance move.

S: What is a suricate?

  • A small animal.

S: What are glasses without earpieces or arms on it called?

  • Pinze – Nez

S: What is Zoology?

  • An Animal Science.

S: What is another term for music college?

  • A Conservatory

S: A football ball hit the back of the net. What’s this called?

  • A Goal

S: Where does a pelican store fish?

  • C: A Pouch

S: What is it called when a soccer ball hits the back of the net?

  • C: Goal

S: What is the largest type of primate in the world?

  • A: Gorilla

S: Which bird is the largest in the world?

  • C: Ostrich

S: What is the world’s smallest bird?

  • C: Hummingbird

S: What color of the rainbow comes between green and indigo?

  • C: Blue

S: How many hours are in a day?

  • C: 24

S. Which season has the shortest days?

  • C: All days are equal

S: What kind of wood is used to make matches?

  • C: Poplar

S: What is the starting point of a river called?

  • C: Source

S: Why does a birch tree have dark mark/streaks in its bark?

  • C: To breathe

S: What is the closest star to the earth?

  • C: The Sun

S: Where do you normally put mascara?

  • C: On your eyelashes

S: Who was the architect of the Eiffel Tower?

  • C: Gustave Eiffel

S: Which flower is the symbol of vanity?

  • C: Daffodil

S: When do cockerels crow?

  • C: At Dawn

S: what is Raveena?

  • C: A intelligent girl

S: Where do penguins fly during winter?

  • C: Penguins do not fly

S: Which of these tigers does not exist in nature?

  • C: Gray

S: Where do cocoa beans originate from?

  • C: South America

S: In parachuting, how is the winner determined?

  • C: The athlete who lands most accurately in a designated area.

S: Where does the coffee tree originate from?

  • C: Africa

S: How many bits are there in a byte?

  • C: 8

S: What is the tallest animal in the world?

  • C: Giraffe

S: Where do lemurs live?

  • C: Madagascar

S: How long the Hundred Years’ war between England and France lasted?

  • C: 116 years

S Which plant grows the fastest?

  • C Bamboo

Which of these is an instrument for working out direction?

  • C Compass

S Which does not exist in nature?

  • Ruby tree

Which country does the Panama hat originate from?

  • Ecuador.

What part of the clove tree becomes the spice?

  • Flower bud

What was King George VI called a child?

  • Albert

What is a musical salute called?

  • Fanfare

Which of these instruments is used for directions?

  • Compass

What are glasses without earpieces/arms called?

  • pince-nez

S What kind of sugar in sugar cubes?

  • refined

S What street did Sherlock Holmes live on?

  • Baker Street

What was King George VI called a child?

  • Albert

S What is the physical sign of an eagle hunting?

  • a shadow

Which part of the clove tree becomes a spice when dried?

  • flower buds

Which of these musical instruments was widely used in Ancient Greece?

  • Lyre

S What kind of wreath has been awarded to competition winners since Roman times?

  • Laurel

S What are musical rattles called?

  • Maracas

S What is a high male voice called?

  • Tenor

S: Which musical instrument means quiet in Italian?

  • Piano

S: Which of these is a lizard that changes its color?

  • Chameleon

S: Which one runs the fastest?

  • Cheetah

S: Which part of the cinnamon tree becomes a spice when dried?

  • bark

S: What is the name of the astronaut who first walked on the moon?

  • Neil Armstrong

S: What is glass made from?

  • Sand

S: What animal is used to find truffles on the ground?

  • Specially trained pigs

S: How many pieces are there in a game of chess?

  • 32

S: How many states in India?

  • 28

S: What is cheese made from?

  • milk

S: Where a river begins?

  • source

S: Why do birch trees have black streaks on their trunk?

  • to breath

S: What is a person who studies birds called?

  • Ornithologist

S: what is the most widespread type of coffee?

  • Arabica

S: What is the symbol on the Olympic flag?

  • 5 interwoven rings

S: How many is a dozen?

  • 12

S: Which one can lift the heaviest object?

  • An elephant

S: Most of the planets in our Solar System rotate in the same direction, but not this one. Which planet is it?

  • Uranus

S: Which geometric shape has become a musical instrument?

  • Triangle

S: What can a computer not work without?

  • Electricity

S: How many teeth are in a full adult set?

  • 32

S: What is the official language of Australia?

  • English

S: What is the biggest animal?

  • Blue Whale

S: What is the place called where a river begins?

  • Source

S: What is the German word for “south”?

  • Süd

S: Small-cap worn to protect the finger while sewing”

  • Thimble

S: What plant is chocolate made from?

  • Cacao

S: What wood are matches made

  • Porous Poplar

S: December comes from the Latin word for “tenth,” and “October” comes from the word for “eighth.” However, December is the twelfth month, and October is the tenth. Why?

  • Apparently, the new year began on March 1st for a long time in ancient Rome.

S: Which country celebrates New Years Day all year round?

  • India

S: In medieval Europe, Christmas trees were not placed on the floor as they are now, but hung upside down from the ceiling. The question is: why?

  • So the children could still run around and play.

S: When and where was the first electrical Christmas tree light lit?

  • 1895 USB

S: what is a numismatist?

  • a coin collector

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